“Horse power” – horse logging makes a comeback

Horse & Countryside magazine, Jan/Feb 2014






“Nature at work” – creative country careers.

Horse & Countryside magazine, November 2013






“Swimming with horses”

Horse & Countryside magazine, October 2013





DM October 2013

“Nine to five – and Fido comes too!”

Dogs Monthly, October 2013






“Pudding Power” – the story of British puds.

British Heritage magazine (US), October 2013





DM Sept 2013

“Off-duty heroes” – the work of Manchester airport’s

detection dogs.

Dogs Monthly, September 2013






“Common custom” – the story of the Scottish common ridings

Horse & Countryside magazine, Sept 2013





cheshire life sept 2013

“Making movies – in Bollington!”

Cheshire Life, September 2013





H&C August 2013

“Equestrian exchanges” - exchange visits abroad

Horse & Countryside magazine, August 2013






DM July 2013

“Monty’s on the Mend”

Dogs Monthly, July 2013





H&C July 2013

“It’s a working dogs’ life” – breeds working in traditional ways.

Horse & Countryside magazine July 2013






DM June 2013

“Walk this way” – how good for you is dog walking?

Dogs Monthly, June 2013





H&C March 2013

“Loopy in Cheshire” – a guide to creating new rides

Horse & Countryside magazine, March 2013





DM MArch 2013

On the road” – travelling safely with your dog.

Dogs Monthly, March 2013





Dogs Monthly Feb 2012Pulling power” – dog sledding, UK-style

Dogs Monthly, February 2013






DM October 2012

“Living the Dream” – canine Olympic torchbearers.

Dogs Monthly, October 2012





FPN August 2012

“Scoring a hat trick” – a milliner’s work in SW France.

French Property News, August 2012





DM August 2012

“C’est la piro” – a potentially fatal tick-borne disease.

Dogs Monthly, August 2012





BH July 2012

“Frolics at the Fete” – village fetes.

British Heritage magazine (US), July 2012






BoB July 2012

“Putting down roots” – the story of a land girl.

Best of British, July 2012






Derbyshire Life May 2012

“A Heart-felt career” – textile artist Mel Anderson.

Derbyshire Life, May 2012





Dogs Monthly May 2012

“Guardians of the Mountains” – Pyrenean Mountain Dogs guard their flocks.

Dogs Monthly, May 2012





Cheshire Life April 2012

“Top of the Pups”

Cheshire Life, April 2012





DM December 2011

“Monty’s a media darling” – canine extras

Dogs Monthly, December 2011





Cheshire life nov 2011

“Great dogs in the Dane

Cheshire Life, November 2011





FPN Nov 2011

“Keeping up traditions” – French customs explained.

French Property News, November 2011





FPN April 2011

“Living the Life of Monty” – taking your dog to France.

French Property News, April 2011